Israeli Company Resilience Strategies in the US Market

Israeli Company Resilience Strategies in the US Market


As the Israeli business community navigates uncharted waters due to the current military conflict in Gaza, companies selling in the US market find themselves grappling with challenges never seen before. While some Israeli companies operating in the USA haven’t been affected, others are dealing with unforeseen hurdles which may impact their ability to survive and grow.

In this unique “expert panel” webinar, Chuck Klein from Amcon Recruitment will interview a group of US based and Israel based business leaders deeply involved in the US market on behalf of Israeli companies.

Format – Panel Discussion

Chuck Klein will ask questions and lead the discussion among the group of business leaders – in a “panel format”. We will discuss the challenges they are seeing in the field now and hear what strategies have been successful since the outbreak of the war and planned actions for 2024.

This free online event will run for 75 minutes and include the opportunity for attendees to submit questions to the panelists.


All panelists are deeply involved with the sale of Israeli products and services in the US market.

Oren Avigdor (Israel), CEO, Dolav Plastic Products, a global leading manufacturer of industrial B2B reusable heavy duty packaging solutions. Represented in the USA nationwide via its subsidiary “Dolav USA (Decade Products)”  (Grand Rapids, Michigan).  Dolav USA is operating in the US since 2000.


Meiky Tollman (USA) – Founder and CEO of The Tipping Point, based in Richmond, Virginia, a US company actively building the US market for selected food brands.  He is the former CEO and COO at Sabra Dipping Company (2004 to 2019).


David Bercow (USA) – VP Strategic Partnerships at Vensure Employer Services in New York.  Vensure works with several hundred Israeli companies in high tech, medical, industrial and consumer products operating in the USA in the area of payroll, benefits and employment. He has a unique perspective on challenges these companies are currently facing.


Amy Kenigsberg (Israel/USA) – COO & Cofounder of K2 Global Communications.  K2 promotes Israeli technology companies in the USA and worldwide with targeted niche communications, including PR, content, inbound marketing, and social media support services.



Chuck Klein is Director of Amcon Recruitment Ltd. (Ra’anana/Chicago) an executive recruitment firm working with Israeli companies in recruiting top US talent. Over the last 20 years, he has also assisted many Israeli companies in US market development.   Amcon also runs practical, hands-on training events on the US market for Israeli companies.



  • Has the war in Gaza impacted Israeli businesses operating in the USA? In what way?
  • How are Israeli companies operating in the USA responded? What are they communicating?  Should a new approach be taken?
  • Is it challenging to maintain existing customers? Has business been lost?
  • How to expand in the US, despite the situation.
  • Should companies communicate “business as usual”?
  • Are US subsidiaries of Israeli companies hiring new employees? Reducing staff?  Getting investment?  Expanding facilities?
  • What reactions are coming from US Investors? American candidates for open jobs?  Joint venture partners and collaborators?
  • Are there unique opportunities now? For example, will US based Jewish investors be more inclined to invest in Israeli companies?  Will certain consumers such as evangelicals go out of their way to buy Israeli products?  Are there events being held to help promote Israeli companies?
  • Other trends, challenges, and opportunities in the US market.


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